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Wedgewire has been used throughout industry and mining in many filtration and sizing applications since its development and introduction.

The combination of metallurgy properties and robust construction allows us to use Wedgewire to filter and strain contaminants from grease with out the worry of rupturing delicate mesh/membranes.

Conventional grease filters utilise a wire mesh to strain the grease. This mesh is usually supported by an inner wire frame, providing support to the mesh/membrane. Once the filter blocks or the differential is sufficient the mesh tears allowing the trapped matriculates through into system.Effects of Particulate and Contamination

The effects of contamination in grease are extensive and impact on the overall reliability of plant and equipment.

Grease contamination leads to the early or premature failure of:

  • Grease pumps
  • Grease injectors
  • Grease divider blocks
  • Bearings
  • Open gears
  • Bushes etc


Typically industry has been good at identifying reliability issues and coming up with sustainable solutions.

However, grease filters tend to be one of those items of equipment that are installed into service and forgotten about.

Any grease filter/strainer that is fitted to an operational grease system must be inspected and cleaned on a routine schedule.

Particulates and contaminants found in the filter/strainer can form part of the plant CM or Reliability program. Understanding what is in the grease may help form affirmative action plans to help alleviate the problems.

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