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MagnaDrive replaces the physical connection between motors and loads with a gap of air. A gap that eliminates harmful vibration and wear and tear, enhances energy efficiency, increases motor life and protects equipment from overload damage.

MagnaDrive's patented technology transmits power across this air gap with motor and load completely disconnected. The result? Improved reliability, money saved on energy and maintenance every day, and a big change in the way factories and other industrial and commercial facilities operate.

MagnaDrive can operate with up to 4.7mm misalignment.

Fluid, gear flex and ridged mounted couplings are a thing of the past.

The rapid development and acceptance of this unique product was acknowledged when voted "Technology of the Year" by Industry Week for 2001. They are installed on Over 3,000 Systems across the United States of America and recently were awarded a $2.7 million Contract for U.S. Navy.
MagnaDrive technology replaces physical connection with an Air Gap of 3.17mm resulting in:

  • Reduce Vibration by a factor of 5
  • Reduce Power Consumption by 60%
  • Cushioned StartupMagnaDrive
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
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