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  • Senses Ultrasonic Amplitude Changes
  • Guard Against Unplanned Downtime! Alarm in Real Time! ... with the unique Ultrasonic UE Ultra-Trak 750
  • Provides early warning of: mechanical failure
  • Valve leakage
  • Flow disruption
  • Arcing by detecting changes of ultrasonic amplitude

Ultra-Trak is ready to guard against unplanned downtime and product loss the minute it is installed.

Ultra-Trak passively monitors ultrasounds produced by operating equipment. It can be readily connected to alarms or recorders for datalogging, thanks to its 4-20 mA current output, coupled with a pure demodulated output.

Housed in stainless steel, the rugged Ultra-Trak 750 is water resistant and dust proof which means it can be externally mounted in some of the most challenging environments. Couple this with an extraordinarily wide dynamic range of 120 dB and sensitivity adjustment, this sensor is ready to meet your most demanding sensing needs.

Typical applications include:

  • Valve leakage/blowby warning
  • Bearing Monitoring (including lubrication warning)
  • Detection of onset of Arcing in Switchgear
  • Partial Discharge Detection
  • Flow Disruption
  • Cavitation Monitoring/Alarm
  • Shut Down Warning
  • Trend or Alarm Amplitude Rise/Fall-Off

UE Ultra-Trak 750 Features:

  • Demodulated Output for Analysis
  • Dynamic Range: 120 dB
  • Sensing Range 40 dB: Once the sound level is set, there is a 40 dB monitoring range.
  • Peak Frequency Response: 40 kHz
  • Outputs for External Datalogging or Sound Recording.

How the Ultra-Trak 750 Works:

The Ultra-Trak senses high frequency emissions produced by operating equipment. A baseline threshold can be set within a wide dynamic range of 120 decibels. Once set the Ultra-Trak then monitors changes of ultrasonic amplitude within a range of 40 decibels. The Ultra-Trak can be connected with other devices to provide alarms or for tracking potential problems over time. In some instances the Ultra-Trak can be used for sound level increases, such as to warn of onset of valve leakage or bearing failure. Amplitude fall-off can be used to signal line flow disruption or alarm of machine shutdown.



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