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For many organizations, the place to start a Lubrication TransformationSM is with lubricant storage and handling. Aside from insuring new lubricants are housed appropriately, upgrading your current lubricant storage practices helps to instill a sense of pride in the lubrication team, helping to address the cultural challenges associated with changing the way maintenance is performed.

Des-Case and its Services Team can not only help make storage and handling recommendations but can actually design and configure your lubricant storeroom! With decades of in-plant experience, our engineers know what works and what doesn't work. With custom designs based on plant layout, lubricant usage and industry specific requirements, our team can always offer a right-sized solution no matter what the challenge.

Lub Storeroom

Example of a custom designed lubricant storeroom



Each design is configured to maximize space utilization and insure easy working areas are maintained. Designed with standard requirements such as spill containment and climate control in mind, each lube room is configured with the appropriate combination ofDes-Case storage and handling product solutions  based on lubricant type and usage patterns. And if you need more help, Des-case through its network of Service partners can provide complete turnkey design and installation services for any lube room.

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Design Services

Des-Case design services and product solutions are designed for simplicity and ease of implementation



Mobile Lube Room


In some plants, space is at a premium. Where an appropriate room or building is simply not available, Des-Case is able to custom design a completely self-contained state-of-the-art lube room inside a standard 20'x8' or 40'x8' shipping container. Designed with standard and optional features such as spill containment, fire suppression, power and utilities, lighting and climate control and equipped with Des-Case storage and handling products, a Des-Case mobile lube store room is an ideal solution where simplicity is required.

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