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Des-Case and its partners can help you deliver the performance you need from your reliability program.  With the detailed quantification of your program's current state, the goals for where you want to go, and the plans for getting there, the Des-Case team can help you start to implement the transformation of your program in part or in whole.


Just like it takes many experts in their field to build a house - architects, framers, electricians, plumbers etc. - it also takes a team effort to correct lubrication problems.  Serving as both architect and general contractor, Des-Case's Lubrication TransformationSM Project Manager works alongside your team and other key participants to help you execute on the implementation plans drawn-up during the assessment and design phases.

Including your local distribution partners, lubricant vendors and other partners who can all influence the ability to achieve sustainable change, the Lubrication TransformationSMprocess uses a project management approach developed by a certified project manager to insure the new and improved practices become the standard at your plant.

Project Team

Example of a Lubrication TransformationSM Project Team



 In some cases, you may not have the resources or desire to implement some of the hardware changes and modifications necessary to deploy the Lubrication TransformationSM implementation plan. Upon request, Des-Case can integrate one of our preferred service partners into the project team to provide turnkey installation of equipment modifications, set-up the lubricant storeroom or deliver other elements of the improvement plan.


 Like any multi-faceted project involving different internal and external stakeholders, Des-Case provides oversight and feedback on progress using a series of metrics and dashboards to help you and your management team understand exactly where you are relative to the end goal.

This includes monthly updates and project team meetings to insure everything stays on track.

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