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Food and Beverage

ATS Electro-Lube’s self-contained automatic lubricating products provide consistent, continuous lubrication for food and beverage processing equipment. Our auto lube devices can deliver up to two years of dependable lubrication, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual lubrication. Our lubricating equipment can be mounted almost anywhere, including remotely up to 30’ from the lubrication point, making them perfect for tight spaces and hard-to-access machines. These water-resistant devices are designed to function in the wet and wash down areas common to food and beverage processing.


With both single- and multi-point lubrication devices available, it’s easy to find the ideal ATS product for mixing vessel components, conveyor systems, bottling lines, or any other food and beverage processing equipment that requires repeated lubrication. Our innovative continuous lubrication devices deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.


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