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Titan Oiler 2000

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The TITAN OILER 2000 is a powerful, motor-driven, automatic lubricator which is built on the proven ULTIMATE LUBER technology. This oil lube system and its easily refillable, large capacity, 1400cc (47 fl. oz.) tank are perfect for most industrial oil lubricator applications where quality and reliability are needed. Its microprocessor-controlled, energy-efficient motor delivers oil to a fixed displacement pump which produces pressures up to 2000psi. This strength allows the TITAN OILER 2000 to drive oil through long feed lines and/or through an oil distribution system to feed several applications at the same time. When a valid dispensing cycle is selected, the unit will activate at programmed intervals, delivering 2cc’s of oil per cycle. Neither temperature nor altitude will affect the output.

Features & Specifications

  • Most powerful oil lubricator on the market.  Produces up to 2000psi which enables it to service single-point applications up to to 200’ (65m) away and multi-point applications up to 60’ (18m) away
  • UL/CUL Div. 2 Hazardous Area approved  
  • Available with long-life replaceable battery packs or optional external power sources. (AC and DC)
  • Optional Remote Control available to connect to customer equipment or machinery (e.g. PLC, Contactors, Relays)
  • Easily refillable, large capacity tank (1400cc, 47 fl.oz.)
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Easily installed on an intrgral mounting plate
  • Built-in low-level sensor; optional low-level contact output for customer monitoring.
  • Titan Oiler has a removable contaminant screen
  • Multiple settings to empty from 15 days to two years.
  • Designed for the toughest indoor/outdoor operating environments.
  • Operating range from -4F to 131F (-20C to +55C). NOTE: Low-Temp lubricants must be used at low temperatures

Size Options:

  • 24.5”h X 6”w X 8”d (62cm h X 15cm w X 20cm d)
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