"Take Contamination Control
To the Next Level" 


IsoLogic™ Technology

Introducing IsoLogic™ Technology


Des-Case enters the IIoT space with patent-pending sensor technology inside our trusted VentGuard™ breathers. It's the market's first connected breather and also the most accurate.

Get a predictive look into your equipment.

What if you had a sudden increase in moisture levels inside your equipment’s headspace, but didn’t find out about it until a catastrophic failure was a foregone conclusion? IsoLogic adds value to any reliability program by detecting and recording spikes in humidity and water ingress. Early detection of system upsets, avoidance of equipment failures and unplanned downtime saves you money, maintains operational efficiency and provides one less headache for you and your organization.


The most accurate breather on the market.

Unlike any breather on the market, IsoLogic has eliminated the subjectivity of color-changing desiccant media, allowing you to know the exact moment your breather is fully spent and should be replaced. Sensors inside the breather provide a precise digital reading of remaining breather life, saturation direction and breather temperature.

An accurate reading of breather status means the breather is never replaced too early or too long leaving an asset unprotected.


Continued Innovation

Des-Case launched the first-ever desiccant breather in 1983. Today, they continue to serve their customers with leading, innovative products and services that enhance equipment reliability and increase profitability.

Des-Case IsoLogic is the latest addition to the Des-Case family. Utilizing their VentGuard breathers, Des-Case IsoLogic offers the same breather technology our customers know and trust, now with sensor technology and data collection.

Join the journey to a connected plant with Des-Case IsoLogic.

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