"Take Contamination Control
To the Next Level" 


Lubricant Sampling Systems

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Our products allow for sample integrity while making sample collection a more efficient, pleasant task. Compared with other sample extraction methods, the one-handed pump and the snap on bottles, make drawing oil samples a "snap."

Des-Case offers a new, proprietary system of obtaining high quality oil samples in less time with less effort and less mess. With an entire line of sampling bottles and patented sampling tools, the unique designs incorporate easy to use features with widely accepted sampling best practices.

When combined with Des-Case Evaluation tools and Analysis and Recommendations, you are sure to have the information you need to plan the next steps in your reliability efforts.



One-Handed Pump: Simple and Powerful


This intuitive vacuum pump is powerful and sturdy. The pistol grip design allows for easy sample extraction and the interface easily connects to the patented, snap-on bottles.



Snap-on Connector


The unique design preserves sample integrity by minimizing atmospheric exposure. With the accompanying pump, the bottle is held firmly in place, freeing your other hand. The patented check valve system minimizes the chance of any spill, allowing the cap to remain firmly in place from receipt of the sampling system thorough receipt at the lab.



High Quality Sample Bottles


Manufactured in a variety of sizes, these clear, PTE bottles allow for easy visual inspection of the sample and help maintain sample integrity.

Starter Kit


Includes everything you need to begin easily taking high quality oil samples: one-handed pump, sample bottle, connector, flush bottle, tubing, return mailer, and instructions.

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