"Take Contamination Control
To the Next Level" 


Gap Analysis

For each one of the ten focus areas of lubrication a detailed current and future state analysis is provided, including specific recommendations on the steps required to close the gaps from current to future state. Each recommendation is tailored to the specific demands of your plant and industry. An example of a page from a typical gap analysis is shown below.

Equipment Modifications


All sumps and drums which are filled or decontaminated with filter carts should be fitted with quick connect on the fill ports to further prevent contamination and reduce the likelihood of spills.

Equipment Modifications2

Below is an example of how each hydraulic and circulating lube oil system should be modified to facilitate best practice.

Best Practice

  1. The breather caps should be replaced with a combination fitting that allows for fluid additions via filter cart, has a sample valve for sampling and a high quality desiccant breather.
  2. The drain port should be fitted with a quick-connect fitting for fluid evacuation.
  3. Additional sample ports in various system locations may be desired where multiple return lines are present.


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