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Crimped Filter Elements Eliminate Epoxy Construction for Racing Filters: Provide All-Fuel Capability


(July 14, 2011) A new series of crimped filter elements designed for use in high performance racing filters has been announced by their manufacturer, Swift Filters, Inc. The Glue-Free MiniCrimp™ filter elements feature a fully swaged (crimped) design, which eliminates epoxy from their construction. Without epoxy, they are compatible with all fuels, including methanol and nitro methane.

Adapted by Swift from its industrial process filter cartridges, the new elements are unique in the racing industry. They are made entirely of 304 or 316 stainless steel and can easily withstand high temperatures (500° F) and high pressures (up to 300 PSID.) They are unaffected by most corrosive fluids and can be cleaned and reused.

“For years we've been asked by major filter manufacturers to supply elements that didn't require epoxy bonding due to concerns about fuel or oil contamination,” said Ned Swift, president of Swift Filters. “These new designs address these issues while providing stronger construction, higher pressure and higher flow rates. We've brought the sophistication we provide for similar filter elements for the aerospace and process chemical industries to the racing world.”

The new Swift MiniCrimp filter elements can be provided with a variety of end fittings, lengths, and micron ratings. They are available from racing filter manufacturers in a number of different filter housing styles.

Swift Filters is a major manufacturer of filter elements for the high performance racing industry. The company's elements are on fuel systems in IRL®, NASCAR®, NTPA®, NHRA®, American LeMans, Sprint Car and Offshore Powerboat Competition. All Swift products are manufactured at it facility in Oakwood Village, Ohio.

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