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Racing Filter Elements

Swift racing filter elements are designed and engineered to meet the exact requirements of the performance racing industry. Our racing filter elements trap dirt and particulates that rob engine performance and horsepower. Swift racing filters help prevent clogged fuel injectors, and help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on expensive internal engine and drive train components. Our products have a high dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop that can help prevent premature failures.

Swift racing filter elements are available as either disposable or cleanable products:

Disposable Racing Filter Elements

  • Nominal rated cellulose
  • Absolute rated synthetics

Cleanable Racing Filter Elements


Our racing elements are designed and manufactured to be compatible with most high performance racing fluids, including synthetic oils, transmission fluid, gas, alcohol, nitro methane, water and water glycols.

For the ultimate in all-fuel compatibility, our unique, new MiniCrimp™ filter elements feature fully crimped (swaged) and welded construction, (no epoxy) making them compatible with methanol as well as other less corrosive fuels. They feature stainless steel (304/316) wire cloth construction and can easily withstand high temperatures (500°) and high pressures (up to 300 PSID). MiniCrimp elements can be provided with a variety of end fittings, lengths and micron ratings.

Swift Filters is a major manufacturer of filter elements for the high performance racing industry. The company’s elements are on fuel systems in:

  • Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA®)
  • International Hot Rod Association (IHRA®)
  • International Motor Sports Association (IMSA/TUDOR®)
  • National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR®)
  • National Auto Sport Association (NASA®)
  • National Hot Rod Association (NHRA®)
  • Rally America™
  • Formula Drift®
  • Sports Car Club of America (SCCA®)
  • United States Auto Club (USAC®)
  • United States Hot Rod Association

All Swift products are manufactured at in our facility in Oakwood Village, Ohio.

To keep your valuable high performance and racing components protected from contamination and a loss in performance capability, choose a Swift Filters high performance racing filter.


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