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Wind Turbine Filter Products


Swift Filters manufactures replacement filter elements for all major wind turbines. These are generally used on gearbox lubrication return lines but we also have designs for wind turbine brake filter elements. In addition to replacement filters, we have developed our unique SwiftGreen Reusable Bypass Valve Return Line Filter Elements specifically for the wind power industry.

Many wind turbine operators that are out of their OEM's warranty or nearing their End of Warranty (EOW) have selected Swift Filter elements as replacements.


  • General Electric (GE®) Wind Turbine Filter Element Replacements
  • Gamesa® filter elements
  • Mitsubishi® filter elements
  • Siemens® filter elements
  • Vestas® filter elements

Our filter elements are ideal replacements for many OEM elements and are designed to be functionally and dimensionally interchangeable.

All return line elements utilize the latest generation of SwiftGlass™ 1000 Bx(C)≥ (per ISO 16889) micro-fiberglass filter media. This media provides high levels of fluid cleanliness while maintaining low pressure drop characteristics.

*All tradenames referenced are the trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their repsective holders. Swift Filters, Inc. does not claim to produce other manufacturer's filters and/or strainer elements.

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