Contamination Control

Extreme Duty Breathers


Every element of Des-Case's Extreme Duty Disposable Breathers has been designed to take contamination control to a whole new level, standing up to a wide variety of applications in challenging environments. Des-Case Extreme Duty Breathers attack the cause of contamination, keeping dirt and water where it belongs - out of your equipment.



As wet, contaminated air is drawn through the unit, multiple 0.3 micron filter elements remove solid particulate and the color-indicating silica gel extracts moisture. When air is expelled from the container, the top foam pad prevents oil mist from contacting silica gel or entering the atmosphere. The hydrophilic agent is partially reactivated by the dry air passing back through.

DC-XD-6Cut -A-Way



  • Automotive grade molded housing for increased vibration resistance
  • Ideal for harsh environments, high temperatures, and mobile and nautical applications
  • Multi-tiered filtration process
  • Water vapor adsorbent
  • Optional check valve system extends product life even further

DC-XD-6Spec Chart



An adapter may be required. Please see below for various Extreme Duty Breather adapter options.

DC-XD-6Adapter Chart

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