Field Test Kits / Diagnostics


The most reliable organizations rely upon inspections and monitoring to drive maintenance decisions.  Don’t limit the process to just finding broken equipment.  Sensory and instrument-based inspections must be FLAB focused.  Remember, big problems are the cumulative effect of small problems that we didn’t address when we should have.  Inspections will detect minor conditional failures such as contaminated lubricants.  However, correcting conditional failures before they become equipment failures must be a priority within the organization.  While instruments, like vibration data collectors, oil analyzers, etc., play a roll, don’t underestimate the power of the “eyometer.”  Sensory inspections should serve as the foundation of your FLAB management process [note: process, not program].  Let us show you how to create an “inspect-to-work” process in place in your plant that focuses on managing FLAB.

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