Distribution Block


ATS Electro-Lube offers multi-port distribution blocks for our automatic lubrication products. Our progressive distribution blocks are available with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 ports, to provide reliable, consistent lubrication at multiple lube points. Multi-port distribution blocks can be used to lubricate multiple points on a single machine, or to provide lubrication for multiple pieces of equipment from a single ATS auto luber.

All ports in a distribution block must be used. Plugging a port or ports will prevent the progressive spindle from shuttling and will stop the block’s operation. If you require fewer points to be lubricated, two ports may be linked together to create a single outlet port—this process can be duplicated until the outlets are reduced to the desired number. Standard plumbing fittings can be used to “T” two ports together. Special port fittings are also available from ATS.

Note that when two outlet ports are joined together, the lubrication point being fed by this combined port will receive twice as much grease as a point connected to a standard, non-joined outlet port. However, extra ports can be fed back into the luber or into another container. This will ensure that all lube points receive the desired quantities of grease.

Using our progressive distribution blocks with our auto lubrication devices provides a complete, self-contained multi-point lubrication system.

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