Lubrication Benchmark

The lubrication benchmark serves two purposes. First it helps establish a starting baseline by which future improvements can be measured. Secondly, it helps everyone in the organization from Senior Management to Lubricators; Millwrights to Planners understand where the opportunities for improvement lie.

During the benchmark process a quantitative assessment is conducted that ranks your current performance relative to best-in-class in the following ten-key areas of lubrication performance:

  • Lubricant Purchasing, Selection and Quality Assurance
  • Lubricant Storage, Handling and Dispensing
  • Lubricant Application Practices
  • Equipment Maintainability and Contamination Control
  • Oil Sampling Practices
  • Oil Analysis and Basic Inspections
  • Lubrication PM Optimization
  • Training and Education
  • Lubrication Scheduling, Tracking and Reporting Metrics
  • Leakage Control, Safe Lubricant Handling Practices and Environmental Compliance

Benchmark scores are provided both for each category and displayed graphically to give you a simple snapshot of where you stand today so you can easily compare your improvements as they happen!

Before the Lubrication Transformation


Lub Transform Before


Lub Transform After

After the Lubrication Transformation


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